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Far Infrared Sauna with Earthing Mat and Chromotherapy

Far Infrared Sauna in clinic with violet chromotherapy light

Our far infrared sauna uses an earthing mat and chromotherapy color lights to bring three effective therapies together at once for maximum results.

The Sauna

Infrared-induced perspiration allows toxins to be eliminated directly without further overtaxing the internal toxin metabolism. This especially helps the fat cells to release hard-to-reach stored toxins.

  • Detoxification
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Fitness benefits
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Longevity
  • Cognitive and Mental Health Benefits
  • Immune System Benefits and Resistance to Infection
  • Skin Benefits, Promoting healing and suppressing skin photoaging

Our far infrared sauna is designed by High Tech Health, a leader in the infrared sauna industry with quality and safety in mind. They are built of environmentally conscious material with triple anti-field, far infrared heaters, which are the lowest total EMF. Far infrared only! No near infrared sauna dangers.

Earthing Mat

Earthing mat used in the sauna

Humans evolved in direct contact with the earth. When connected to the earth, our electric potential equalizes with the earth's electric potential. Our body voltage becomes near zero and it becomes stable. Nobel prize winner Richard Feyman called this the "umbrella effect". However, in our modern lives we spend little time in nature and are instead more prone to the affect of the fluctuating the electrical fields around us.

Studies have shown the benefits of earthing include increased parasympathetic nervous system activity and balance. These benefits include improved sleep, pain, bloodflow, and normalized cortisol levels, thereby reducing inflamation. Read more about earthing >>


Color Wheel

Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, refers to the use of color, and colored light for therapeutic effects. It is part of ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic traditions, which make the connection between colors and wellness. Clinicians and psychologists in Western medicine have studied and documented its effects on mood and performance, and physiological wellbeing.

A green light at a low intensity has been shown to have a calming and soothing effect. It's been shown to decrease the intensity of migraine symptoms by approximately 15%, and shows promising results in reducing chronic pain. Blue light has been shown to decrease heart rate, while red light is shown to increase heart rate. Read more about chromotherapy colors >>

Our far infrared sauna has a 96 LED chromotherapy panel with all the primary and secondary colors. Adjust the color and intensity of the light to your mood with a remote.

Saunas with different led light colors for chromotherapy

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